Hook Rigs

Hook Rigs

Don’t know how to make a hook rig or just don’t have the time to make a rig? Richter Lures Hook Rigs are convenient and easy to use, giving you more time to get down to the business of chasing that dream fish! A hook rig is a ready-to-use rig, comprising Momoi fishing line, stainless wire and one or more Shogun or BKK stainless hooks.

Richter Lures hand make a variety of hook rigs in-house and we stock a variety including:

Our hook rigs are available in the following sizes:

  • 7/0
  • 8/0
  • 9/0
  • 10/0

Remember, if you’re not sure how to rig or are short on time, choose Richter Hook Rigs - made by the most reliable hands in the industry. We bring you quality game fishing gear at affordable prices.