Choose your favourite from our collection of exceptional, quality lures and hold on tight! Our lures are ingeniously designed to attract fish. Their colour patterns and movement in the water imitate bait and entice predatory fish to bite. When fishing our lures, be sure to use high-quality gear so that you can give yourself the best chance of landing the fish of a lifetime. When choosing a lure, think about the following: 

  • what species you are targeting
  • what might the target species be feeding on
  • when will they be feeding
  • what conditions will you be fishing in
  • how will you present the lure to the fish
  • what setup do you need to play and land the fish without losing it

Richter Lures have been leading suppliers of quality, handmade game fishing tackle for years and our lures not only catch fish, they are also made to deal with even the largest strongest saltwater species, time and time again. Choose from our selection of skirted lures, casting lures or custom lures, and know you are choosing a quality product, handmade to your specific needs that will not disappoint.